Do I Need A Desk Phone With UCaaS?

Posted by Henry Roberts on Aug 22, 2017
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Is A Deskphone Necessary Hardware When The Entire Telephony System Is Migrating To The Cloud?

One of the benefits of cloud unified communications is the elimination of hardware and the associated costs. That means no server, no switches and often no PBX. Several years ago, it would have been hard to imagine a classic office environment without desk phones. But, today, when remote teams are more common than ever, the concept of the work environment has changed tremendously. Mobile and remote workforces need an adaptive solution that integrates with their work style and locations.


Remote Workforce

More and more employees are less and less tied to a desk in an office. The ability to work remotely used to be more of a privilege for the frequently travelling executives, highly mobile sales teams and outsourced companies like designers and web developers. Nowadays, remote employees have become the norm of virtual enterprise businesses. 

Likely businesses to be completely virtual:

  • Software Development
  • Digital Marketing and Services
  • Outbound Call Centers

Other companies have some of their employees or event departments work remotely: 

  • Customer and Technical Support
  • Local and Regional Sales
  • Accounting and Legal Services
  • International Company

All of the above cases, as well as many others, require not only a comfortable way for the employees to conduct their everyday duties but also more efficient internal collaboration and management solution. It is especially important when it's impossible to walk across the office to your team mate's or employee's cubical or get everyone in one room for a meeting. 

Soft Phones And WebRTC

Cloud phone systems and contact centers solutions offer flexibility without sacrificing features or quality. There's no actual need for a physical desk phone. Instead you can use any or all of the following options with an internet connection:

  • Softphone client software on your computer
  • Mobile applications for smartphones
  • WebRTC version of client software, accessible on the webpage or as a browser extension.

Pair these with a wireless headset or even earbuds and you have a fully-equipped Contact Center Agent or a truly mobile office. 

This level of flexibility is not the only benefit of cloud communications. We have posted a number of articles about total cost of ownership and ROI, specific features reviews and technical tip. 

If you want to learn more about different UCaaS solutions, download our UCaaS Comparison Matrix below or contact our team at 866-510-8547 or via webform.

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