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Posted by Henry Roberts on Jun 6, 2017
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Case Study

Some industries and situations are at times required to setup temporary locations (1-3 years) for staff or contractors or other unique requirements. Recently we had the need to complete this type of project for one of our long-term customers. Here’s the solution we recommended to ensure they would get the maximum value and productivity out of their phone system.


The Objective

The customer had already deployed a multi-site premise based ShoreTel solution. The circumstances for the temporary location required an independent, simple phone system that would serve three sub-tenant companies at the new site. There were no toll-free numbers involved and the phones would be getting new numbers. The implementation time frame was very short (30 to 60 days). Additionally, there would be little technical staff available to help implement a solution or manage the site. They also did not want to bring in additional circuits either as the location is in a difficult place to service. This project really did need a turnkey solution.

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The solution

We recommended the ShoreTel Connect Cloud as the best solution for a number of reasons:

  • The customer is already familiar with ShoreTel
  • ShoreTel Connect Cloud runs the same software as the premise version, so we could avoid the future potential software deployment and system integrations if they wanted a hybrid solution in the future
  • The Customer already had additional 400 series phones in their inventory that could be quickly transferred to the new location

Once the decision was made, our project manager guided the customer through the implementation process. We helped the customer design the network in a way that would ensure voice packets were prioritized over data for all three sub-tenant companies. This network design was slightly challenging, as each sub-tenant company has their own network, firewall, policies and infrastructure. The network solution ultimately included an L3 switch, VLANS, access lists to divide the bandwidth and a VeloCloud SD-WAN appliance to ensure voice traffic was prioritized. Once the network was ready, we placed the phones on the desk, assigned them, tested them and completed the project.

In this instance and many other use cases, Cloud solutions have an advantage over premise due to their simple design and streamlined implementation requirements and timelines.

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