Case study: First day benefits of using SD-WAN

Posted by Henry Roberts on Mar 13, 2017
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When something you implement shows an immediate result

A valued customer of ours has been experiencing poor network performance causing issues, like: 

  • Unusually slow Internet
  • Emails not being sent or received
  • Poor call quality with Cloud service


An absence of inter-office connectivity forced one of our valued customers to route insecurely over the public internet as a quick fix for some of their services.

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As a long term resolution to this situation, the decision was made to install SD-WAN by VeloCloud and replace their Ethernet switches. Immediately after this was implemented we gained visibility into their network performance both on the WAN and LAN and could help analyze and manage their data exchange.

About four hours after installation, the customer reported that their network became extremely slow and that they could not send or receive any email. The problem had started around 12:45 p.m. and continued for an hour and a half


  • We started our analysis with the performance of the broadband Internet link which did have some hiccups which, overall, was okay but didn’t explain the performance issues.


  • Next, we checked the transport to see how much data was being sent and noticed that right around 12:45 PM there was a large spike in data being sent out to the Internet, maxing out their bandwidth.


  • After narrowing down the analysis, we found the source machine that was generating the spike in traffic. It turned out to be an NAS device that was replicating out to a cloud storage facility.



With SD-WAN, our customer was able to stop the synchronization of their NAS storage to the cloud and reschedule it for after-hours when production wouldn’t be impacted.

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