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Posted by Henry Roberts on Oct 9, 2017
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How An Experienced Partner Will Treat Your Network Prior To Cloud Telephony System Deployment

When we are planning a cloud deployment with our customers we treat the network as the phone system. We start with cloud readiness testing tools and then move to discovery, planning, proper hardware, VLANS, QoS and SD-WAN.


Network Best Practices For Cloud

Step 1: Network Assessment

We start with the cloud readiness network assessment tool. This tool will be provided and run several times a day for several days at each location that will have phones to get an accurate assessment of the current network and if it can support a cloud voice system. The tools provide insight as to what remediation steps are necessary to get the customer cloud ready. By using the network readiness tools before deployment, we get insight into the current network status and corrections that will be needed. We then communicate these remediation steps and help our customers apply them. 

Step 2: Discovery Phase

During the discovery phase, we get a network inventory of firewalls, routers and switches. We check the specifications to see if they will support voice and network best practices. If they do not we will make a recommendation for replacement hardware. We have run into situations where the customer equipment worked fine for web browsing and email, however they were not managed switches so did not support the more advanced features needed to support voice. With hundreds of deployments under our belt we have seen a wide variety of networking equipment and configurations.  We know what works and what is needed to get your current equipment ready for Cloud Telephony.

Step 3: Project Plan

The next step of the implementation is the project plan. This is where we take all the items we found in the testing and discovery and create a project plan to remediate (if necessary) any network issues and outline the implementation timeline. The project plan is an outline of the items that must be completed and a timeline of when they are expected to be completed. We assign a dedicated project manager to keep the project on time.

Step 4: Network Design

One of the first steps on the project plan is network design. VLANs are best practice, so if the current network hardware will not support VLANs or QoS we will recommend network switches and if needed deploy them. We will meet with your IT team to design the network in a way that will include and prioritize voice data. We will help with the design of the new networks, routing and QoS. LANtelligence can program our recommended network switches, configure VLANs and QoS as needed on them to help with your cloud deployment. 

Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN)

VLANs are a significant step in your network evolution. Going from a flat network where everything is equal to implementing VLANs for the first time can be difficult. We work with VLANs every day and can assist in the design, explain VLANs and implement them in a manner that will be consistent with best practices.

Quality of Service (QoS)

QoS is often the missing piece of a Cloud Telephony deployment. It is not enough to implement QoS on the network switches. With a cloud deployment, we must also enforce it as it leaves your network and travels to its ultimate destination. We use SD-WAN technology to make this happen. By placing a SDWAN device on the edge of the network we can not only ensure that your voice traffic takes precedence over other traffic we can also use the technology to fix times where internet connectivity is degraded. Utilizing the web interface of the SD-WAN appliance we can see times where the internet connection slows or drops and use this information to take back to the carrier for correction. 


When moving to the cloud you need an experienced partner. LANtelligence uses the experience we have from deploying and managing tens of thousands of phones. The issues and challenges we have overcome give us the experience you need to successfully implement your new cloud phone system.

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Network Best Practices For Cloud

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