Adding Voice to Teams without Microsoft (Part 3)

Posted by lantelligence on Aug 4, 2020

In part three of this three-part series, we explain how you can add Voice to Teams without Microsoft.

In Part I & Part II of this three-part series, we covered a comprehensive how-to guide and cost break down analysis of adding Voice to Teams in your organization. These blogs referred to using Microsoft as the phone system.


In Part III, we will provide you with some historical context.  Microsoft has had multiple dalliances with Voice in the past and today we need to appreciate where it fits in the Microsoft world.  For Microsoft, this is not their core business, at least the telephony part, so it is ultimately an “add-on” to their existing services. 


Will the success or failure of the Phone System feature have any impact on Microsoft’s strategy for world dominance? 


Absolutely not! 


When it comes to functionality of the “Phone System” in Teams, it is a limited functionality phone system.  Advanced features that you may need every day are either not present or difficult to use or configure.


Teams is a Collaboration tool that can add voice to service a segment of the market that needs basic voice.


What if you need some additional sophistication in routing or features like workgroups, call centers, or even analog devices that all premise PBX’s could handle without any challenge? 


What if you could add that today either with a cloud telephony solution or your existing PBX?


That is why we want to show how you can use SIP trunking and Cloud Telephony solutions to add the Voice you currently own and paid for to Teams. 


Please reach out to us to discuss how we can help add non-Microsoft Voice to your teams deployment.

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