8x8 and Jive's Take on UCaaS For Local Government - Part 2

Posted by Chris Poupart on Jul 2, 2019
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Municipalities and Local Governments Look to Jive and 8x8 For Voice and Contact Center Evolution

Legacy telephony and contact center solutions municipalities and local governments use today have minimal analytics capabilities, making it impossible to effectively monitor contact center performance and collect and action citizen feedback.
Neither can these legacy systems accommodate the needs of the modern, mobile workforce. Many municipal employees work remotely, and many would prefer to use their personal or mobile devices for work purposes.

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Advanced Analytics and Reporting

As they migrate to the cloud, municipalities are turning to analytics and reporting to provide a better customer experience and optimize their contact center resources.
8x8’s speech analytics can record 100% of all omnichannel calls, creating the opportunity to capture feedback from citizen customers and provide coaching for contact center reps. This information also provides a rich data set for artificial intelligence and machine learning apps (AI/ML), enabling call segmentation and better use of automated attendants and IVRs. This automation frees up customer reps for more in-depth interactions and also improves employee satisfaction.

Through Contact Center Pro Jive offers similar functionality, providing automated speech recognition, text-to-speech, and speech analytics to help understand what the caller is feeling, and what assistance they may require.

Both 8x8 and Jive offer extensive contact center management reporting, including agent summary and real-time queue reports, management dashboards, and live status wallboards.

Ease of Implementation and Lifecycle Support

Many local governments have limited resources for planning, implementing, and managing their voice and contact center infrastructures. Both Jive and 8x8 offer comprehensive services across the entire solution lifecycle, from initial customer engagement to ongoing operations support and services.

Jive has a dedicated government team that is familiar with the local government environment, applications, and underlying infrastructure challenges. This team can conduct the initial survey and needs analysis, expedite demos and proof of concepts (POCs), oversee the solution design, and coordinate with field engineers and trainers.
Jive will also build, ship, and if necessary, help deploy the solution. 7x24 service is provided post-implementation at no additional cost.

8x8 takes a similar ‘full-service’ approach to design, deployment, and CRM integration, with an emphasis on post-cutover training and adoption for both users and administrators. 8x8 also offers comprehensive 7x24 services using a ‘follow the sun’ model.

Partner Engagement

While Jive and 8x8 have strong direct capabilities across the entire solution lifecycle, both work closely with their partners in the local government sector. These partners typically have deep expertise, long-standing customer relationships, and often provide specialized applications integration and support. By collaborating with these partners, Jive and 8x8 can build customized solutions for each unique customer situation, combining their capabilities with those of the partner.

Similar Strengths — With a Few Differences

As leaders in the UCaaS and CCaaS market, 8x8 and Jive share many strengths. They both offer a single platform, flexible pricing models, wide-ranging analytics capabilities, and integration for popular business applications. Both provide comprehensive security across the platform, network and data center, and both meet government security requirements such as FISMA, FedRamp (8x8 only), and GDPR.

But how do these two providers differ?

Jive’s integration with Emergency Medical Management Services (EMS) systems stands out. Their solution offers full omnichannel integration with EMS specialists Catapult and SingleWire. Jive even provides an application that will lock building doors and accesses paging and intercom systems in the event of a lockdown or security situation.

In 8x8’s case, their ability to fine-tune networks to deliver optimum call quality can make a real difference for rural towns and municipalities operating on older networks. 8x8 can perform detailed network assessments and testing to isolate network issues and provide design recommendations to improve call quality. Moreover, 8x8 offers guarantees and SLAs for both uptime and call quality, backed by financial penalties.

UCaaS Leaders Help Local Governments Achieve Successful Cloud Migration

Cities and municipalities need to dramatically expand the range and quality of omnichannel services to their citizen stakeholders in the face of significant budget constraints and limited IT resources. Looking to the cloud as a potential solution, these customers must reduce or eliminate any potential cloud migration risks while implementing voice and contact center solutions that deliver quality, reliability, and security.

Jive and 8x8 offer two excellent alternatives for these customers. Both deliver a robust user experience from a single platform, flexible pricing, and superior application integration and analytics capabilities. Perhaps as important, both collaborate with regional and specialist partners to provide a customized engagement across the entire solution lifecycle to meet the unique requirements of each of their local government customers.

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