Myth #6: Debunking the 8 Myths About Buying Direct from a UCaaS Provider

Posted by lantelligence on Aug 18, 2020

In part six of this eight-part series, we debunk common Myth #6 "Customers benefit from having a direct relationship with the UCaaS Provider." 

Selecting new UCaaS solution is not a simple nor an easy decision.

The process requires evaluating all the options on the market, going through a validation process, creating a shortlist of several providers and then making the correct decision for your company. Would it not be simpler if you could have someone else, like an expert do your homework for you and then present the best options for your company?

A Master Solutions Provider works on your behalf to find that perfect solution. They can save you time and resources by removing the researching and evaluating time out of the equation. A Master Solutions Provider will work with multiple UCaaS providers to find the
best possible solution not only in price, but in the applications, features and integrations that matter most.

Below, we uncover Myth #6. Continue reading to debunk this common myth. 

Myth: "Customers benefit from having a direct relationship with the UCaaS Provider." 

Maintaining pro-active relationships with customers is virtually impossible for most UCaaS Providers. Of course, there are exceptions. The UCaaS Provider/customer relationship is only as strong as the team within the large organization who is assigned to manage it. With regular turnover and organization restructurings the norm with the UCaaS Provider, it can take its toll on the relationship.

These obstacles push UCaaS Providers to rely on their Master Solution Provider partners to build and nurture their relationships with the customer. They know partners will put customers on top of the pyramid. UCaaS Providers look to benefit from the long- term business relationships and referral opportunities that come from doing so. Partners also work closely in-house and keep their communication fluid to offer a pro-active service experience. When an end user has a relationship with their partner as well as the UCaaS Provider they are getting the best of both worlds.

You have now debunked the sixth myth about buying direct from a UCaaS provider. If you missed Myth #5, you can check it out here. Find out the 2 remaining myths now and get access to our Myth-Debunking Checklist for the full 8 Myths About Buying UCaaS Direct From a UCaaS Provider. 

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