Myth #2: 8 Myths About Buying Direct from a UCaaS Provider

Posted by lantelligence on Jul 21, 2020

In part two of this eight-part series, we debunk Myth #2 "A UCaaS Provider has more experience with their product than their partners."

Selecting new UCaaS solution is
not a simple nor an easy decision.

The process requires evaluating all the options on the market, going through a validation process, creating a shortlist of several providers and then making the correct decision for your company. Would it not be simpler if you could have someone else, like an expert do your homework for you and then present the best options for your company?

A Master Solutions Provider works on your behalf to find that perfect solution. They can save you time and resources by removing the researching and evaluating time out of the equation. A Master Solutions Provider will work with multiple UCaaS providers to find the
best possible solution not only in price, but in the applications, features and integrations that matter most.

Below, we uncover Myth #2. Find out below. 


Myth: "A UCaaS Provider has more experience with their product than their partners." 

Of course, UCaaS Providers all have experience with their solutions, but in most cases, this experience can be limited to only the solution itself. This can limit how effectively they can support the solution. Problems are often caused by surrounding factors not found in their testing environment, such as the networks and connections the solutions leverage or integrations to other solutions. UCaaS Providers are at a disadvantage and may experience difficulties and long delays in resolving issues that are influenced by other applications they have no expertise in supporting.

Partners deal with real-world IT environments, complex integrations, unique user requirements and much more. They are the first line of defense for issue recognition and resolution. Contrary to popular belief, UCaaS Providers engage their most experienced partners for technical assistance in their more challenging cases.


You have now debunked the second myth of the eight myths about buying direct from a UCaaS provider. If you missed Myth #1, you can check it out here. Find out the 6 remaining myths now and get access to our Myth-Debunking Checklist for the 8 Myths About Buying UCaaS Direct From a UCaaS Provider. 

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