Is Your Phone System A Competitive Weapon

Posted by Ken Zrobok on Sep 26, 2016
Ken Zrobok
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Today’s business environment is fast-paced and competitive.

Today’s business environment is fast-paced and competitive. Phone systems have evolved from simple solutions that allowed a single channel of communication with your customers, to fully functional solutions that allow multiple channels of communications, intelligent routing, mobility and in depth reporting on all this performance and functionality.  In an era of data utilization for strategy and planning, the right telephony solution is a key component that can tie together all the data that is entering and leaving your organization.

Most likely, you’re investing in ways to make sure you’re harnessing the power of all of your technological business resources. But what about your phone system?

If you’re not already considering how to get full value from your phone system, you should be.

Savvy business owners or their IT staff know that a cloud phone system can multiply business success by integrating mobility, applications and collaboration under one valuable umbrella.

Can your current phone system do these things?

We’ve created an easy 5-question test to evaluate if your current phone provider is delivering the full potential of a modern phone system. Any items you can’t check off suggest you may not be harnessing the full power of a world-class cloud phone system.

  1. Does your system provide business intelligence based on call data and elegant integration with other important business applications (CRM, ERP, applicant tracking systems, etc.)?
  2. Do customers have direct access to a live person who can answer their questions and quickly solve their problems using their preferred form of communication?
  3. Does your system leverage redundancy and failover to prevent against catastrophic phone system failure for your business?
  4. Has your cloud provider been in the VoIP business long enough to build out robust data center infrastructure and understand every point in your system?
  5. Do your users have access to mobility applications today that allow them to work efficiently anywhere, anytime?

How did you do? If you have more than 3 unchecked boxes, you should think about what your current phone system is doing to drive value for your business. Your phone system holds a significant opportunity to empower your business and employees with the right kind of tools and technology to drive integration, security and performance.

At LANtelligence we want your communications system to give you a competitive advantage. Our goal is to ensure that you get the most out of your communications system. That’s why we’ve written an eBook on how “Cloud Communications Equal Business Success”. If you’re like most IT Directors, you still have lots of questions about Cloud-based communications and we believe this eBook will help you make an informed decision.

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