What Is Cloud Communication and What Do I Really Get From It?

Posted by Ken Zrobok on Sep 1, 2016
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Cloud solutions have been the hot topic amongst most businesses for many years now. While initially viewed with some skepticism, this new business asset has revolutionized much of the way we handle communication, data, and scalability.

But when it gets right down to it — what is the Cloud? What can you actually expect to get out of it?

Ease of Communication

The ability to choose the best method to communicate with customers and your co-workers, any time anywhere.

What is it that all businesses need more than anything else? Good communication. When you’re working with unreliable connections, multiple devices, and/or difficult long-distance collaboration, you’re depriving your business of a vital pillar of success.

The Cloud allows for the synchronization of communication through multiple devices, ideally into one location. Desktop sharing, conference calls, instant messaging, video calling — all of these commonly required modes of communication within your business can be performed more easily and more reliably when utilizing Cloud solutions.

Because your data is stored in the Cloud, whether your employees are in another country or on another continent, you can rest assured that they are still able to access everything they need, collaborate with other team members, and continue to build your business.

Scalability For Your Business

Easy, agile scalability that allows you to grow your business at the pace you want, with the tools you need.

As your business grows, you’re likely discovering that more apps, more software, and more staff keep coming through your doors. While this is a great sign that your business is moving forward, it can also become an enormous hurdle for your system administrators and IT specialists. All these added pressures can halt business growth.

The Cloud allows far more rapid scalability. System integrations, regular feature updates, and maintenance are all handled by your external Cloud support team. New users can be added in a snap and instantly have access to all those communication systems and features they need to begin building your business.

Secure, Redundant Data Centers

Never worry about your data being lost or stolen. Rest easily, knowing your communications are 100% safe, 100% secure, 100% of the time.

For every business, security is vital. Ensuring that all sensitive information is protected and private is a key component of the Cloud. The Cloud offers highly secure, redundant storage for all your communications, including call recordings, voicemail, IM chats, and more.

Working and communicating within the Cloud can allow your business to architect a system that incorporates redundancy at every level of network, infrastructure and application layer. Premier Cloud UC companies leverage enterprise-class data integrity and physical safeguards for secure business communications.

Reliable Communication

Clear, reliable communication for all your staff, all of the time.

We all know the frustration of a dropped call in the midst of an important conversation, or the annoyance of dealing with call latency. Systems go down or stop working, or the need for updates requires a temporary halt for all communications.

Cloud telephony can offer reliable services with service level agreements that offer guaranteed uptime. Redundant systems ensure updates can go on behind the scenes, never slowing down your team.

Reduced Internal Staff Requirements

By diminishing the necessity for system administrators, your core IT specialists are free to focus on improving other areas of your business, offering onsite support wherever needed, while you reduce costs and improve efficiency.

This sleek, streamlined solution also means that there are fewer pressures placed upon your IT resources. Data and application management is moved offsite and into a fully managed Cloud system. All upgrades are handled automatically by your chosen Cloud hosting team, rather than becoming DIY projects for your IT team to tackle. All of this, for a lower cost than what you’re currently paying.

Positioning Your Business for a Bigger, Brighter Future in the Cloud

A brilliantly simple, refreshingly complete Cloud solution to take your business to the next level.

By removing the worry that revolves around reliable connections, security, and reliability by taking business into the Cloud, you can be freed up to focus on the important things — taking care of your customers and growing your business.

What are you waiting for?

At LANtelligence we understand the requirement for a successful cloud deployment. With over a decade of experience in cloud solutions, our process, expertise and management will ensure a successful cloud deployment/experience. We would be happy to talk to your organization and help you uncover the areas where a Cloud UC solution could improve your business.



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