ShoreTel Mobility General Availability (GA3)

Posted by lantelligence on Jan 14, 2013

This bulletin is to inform ShoreTel field sales and partners that the ShoreTel Mobility software release is Generally Available as of January 7, 2013.

ShoreTel Mobility (GA3) replaces (GA2) as the Generally Available release. This release will now be available for all new orders in addition to being available for download on the ShoreTel Support website for partners and customers with active support contracts.

Product Overview

This release (Mobility Router software version mainly addresses user experience and call quality by resolving issues noted in the previous versions. Some notable enhancements include:

  • Resolution of possible handover failures when using G.729A codec
  • Resolution of MTU negotiation issues for remote connections
  • Increased volume for VoIP calls on Apple iOS devices

Tags: Mitel