Persistent Call Recording with ShoreTel Call Recorder 3.0.0

Posted by lantelligence on Dec 15, 2012

Authored by: ShoreTel Advanced Applications

ShoreTel Advanced Applications is pleased to announce ShoreTel Call Recorder version 3.0.0 which offers new capabilities and enhancements, while continuing to support popular features.

Call Recorder 3.0.0 now records phone calls "from cradle to grave" through call transfers and on all ShoreTel extension types.  This new capability creates complete voice archives for ShoreTel Contact Center, WorkGroup and Hunt group customers and  organizations with cross-departmental business operations.  Agents can now pause and resume call recordings as needed to omit sensitive data from call recordings.

Call Recorder enhancements also include simplified local system setup and recording of Account Code calls.

Moreover, this versatile solution continues to support recording playback from within web applications such as, Contact Center Interaction Viewer (CCIV), and more.

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