All ShoreTel & Mitel Tips and Tricks in One Place

Here, we are sharing the technical knowledge and how-to tips about different versions of ShoreTel and now Mitel that we've collected over time. Our engineers keep adding the posts and and videos as they receive requests from the customers or come across unusual ShoreTel and Mitel service tickets. 

We organized them by the software version and by chronological order of when the post or video has been released with the newest being teh first in the list. As we create new videos and posts, we will be adding them on top of the list.

What will you find here? 

  • How-to videos for different versions of ShoreTel up to ShoreTel Connect and MiCloud Connect
  • How-to step by step articles with screenshots
  • Video overviews of the ShoreTel and MiCloud Connect platforms and applications
  • Integrations and browser extensions for ShoreTel Connect Cloud and MiCloud Connect
  • Best practices for ShoreTel and Mitel platforms setups, networking and redundancy

MiCloud Connect (ShoreTel Connect ONSITE & CLOUD)

ShoreTel 14.2 and Earlier Versions

ShoreTel ECC