What Ensures the Success of the UCaaS Project?

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is a complex solution that ties all your companies communications into an organized flow of business-critical data. UCaaS is not only your telephony solution, it is an omnichannel platform designed to improve your business processes and first-hand customer experience. UCaaS solution implementation takes time, thorough planning and detailed project management to unlock its full potential for your business. 

Different providers apply different processes to UCaaS solutions implementation for their customers, but it definitely takes a great technology partner to ensure the success of UCaaS project. At LANtelligence, we use 9-step process that was formed within 20+ years of implementing and supporting various UCaaS solutions for our customers and has a proven track records of success. 

Here, we are sharing all steps of UCaaS project the way we approach it in our everyday work. 

What are the 9 steps of UCaaS project? 

Proper maintenance is a key to success.

Successful implementation is the beginning of your UCaaS solution's life. You must ensure its longevity and best performance by keeping around a Support Partner who runs the regular maintenance and proactive troubleshooting for any issues that may occur.

It is natural for some people to take technical support for granted as long as their UCaaS solution works flawlessly. Many people tend to stop renewing their support contract after a year or two of perfect solution performance. We can't emphasise the importance of ongoing support enough. We have seen so many situations where customer had faced a major problem and had to spend a lot to get it fixed only because their support wasn't covered. 

Your UCaaS solution is one of the major business applications that holds and processes a big amount of critical data. It must be treated just as properly as other business systems in your company.