How to import certificates into ShoreTel Mobility router

Posted by Henry Roberts on Apr 13, 2017

ShoreTel maintenace made easy

Importing certificates into the Mitel (ShoreTel) Connect mobility router is easy if you complete the steps in the right order. In fact, it is faster to do it yourself than waiting on the ShoreTel support line. Read the detailed explanation below and we guaratee that you will succeed.

Step 1

Create the certificate authority. You will have to generate a self signed certificate authority. Do not use the root CA from your vender here.

Step 2

Open the Remote access certificate page.

Step 3

The certificates need to be in a text file format. Right click the *.crt and key files and open with notepad.

Step 4

In a blank text file copy the notepad output in the following order. Please note you should copy from the dashes in Begin Certificate all the way to End certificate. The same for the private key.

  • Certificate
  • Private key
  • Trust chain – This may be several certificates in the trust chain. In the example below from Comodo there are three certificates for this piece

Step 5

Select Import under the remote access page

Step 6

Copy and paste the text file you created in here and select Import

Step 7

Repeat the process for local access

Test by provisioning a phone and you're all set! 

Remember that you can always contact our technical specialists if you experience difficulties with your ShoreTel system.

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How-to: The new Mitel ShoreTel for SalesForce integration

Posted by Henry Roberts on Mar 10, 2017

ShoreTel for Salesforce

Salesforce has discontinued the old CTI toolkit and transitioned to the Salesforce Open CTI alternative. What this means for ShoreTel users is the old-style adapter that is installed on client PCs will no longer work.

The new integration is a big step up

No more software to install on client machines. The integration includes a softphone and appears in the Salesforce web page. The users sign in and authenticate against their ShoreTel PBX.

Once the user is logged in they see their presence status and if they are logged into their queues.

When a call is received the user gets a screen pop.

The setup process

The setup for the integration can be very simple. The ShoreTel server needs a web utilities advanced application from ShoreTel. Once that is installed and configured to accept requests the setup for internal only users is complete for the PBX. Installing to SalesForce is equally easy.

  • An XML file is downloaded and imported. This creates a new call center in Salesforce.
  • There are a few fields to populate to point to the softphone link and the ShoreTel HQ server.

Access from outside the LAN or to avoid mixed browser mode warnings requires a web proxy server. In this scenario a web server is built (Windows or Linux) and given a SSL certificate. The web server is exposed to the internet. This protects the ShoreTel server from the open internet. A FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name ex. is given to it and instead of pointing the ShoreTel HQ server to a private IP it is pointed to the FQDN. This will enable the integration for remote users.

The integration is customizable in positioning the softphone and behavior when a call is made or received.

Request a live demo 

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ShoreTel Connect on Amazon Workspace

Posted by Ken Zrobok on Mar 3, 2017

This video shows the deployment and use of ShoreTel Connect Client and the Connect Contact Center on an Amazon Workspace client.

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How to Add new ShoreTel Contact Center Agents (Video)

Posted by Ken Zrobok on Feb 13, 2017

Adding agents in ECC 7/8

This blog and video shows you how administrators can add new agents to the ShoreTel ECC (Contact Center)

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ShoreTel and the "Active Shooter" scenario

Posted by Henry Roberts on Jan 25, 2017

How to get emergency under control with your ShoreTel system

Every month or so there is a new event that generates a call into our TAC. "What can we do to alert our staff in the case of an emergency"? 

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PureCloud Communicate

Posted by Ken Zrobok on Nov 3, 2016

 Watch the video demonstration on PureCloud Communicate. It is part of the PureCloud Unified Communications Platform.

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How to Turn Off ShoreTel Voice Mail Prompts

Posted by Ken Zrobok on Oct 21, 2016


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How PureCloud Permissions limit access

Posted by Ken Zrobok on Oct 21, 2016

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ShoreTel Connect on AMAZON Workspaces

Posted by Martin Tracey on Apr 27, 2016

This video shows how the ShoreTel Connect Client (Prem) can be installed and run on an AWS (Amazon Web Services) Workspace. In addition this video also shows the Connect Contact Center Agent interface on the same workspace.

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How to Replace a ShoreTel User's Greetings and Name Recording

Posted by Ken Zrobok on Nov 19, 2014

This video shows you how to either restore an older version of a users voice mail greeting and or name recording with the current active version. This demo is done in real time on a production system.

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