Mitel shoretel Admin Training

Posted by Ken Zrobok on Nov 13, 2017

This Mitel (ShoreTel) Admin Training covers the following aspects:

  • Mitel (ShoreTel) phone system
    • Software Versions / Operating Systems
    • Physical vs Virtual servers
    • Physical vs Virtual Appliances
    • Trunking (SIP/PRI/Analog)
  • General Design and Architecture discussion
    • HQ servers – applications and limits
    • DVS vs HQ servers – how they differ
    • VSwitch – embedded voice mail switches
    • VirtualAppliances – why choose virtual appliances
  • How Mitel (ShoreTel) phones make calls
  • Troubleshooting Tools

Part 1

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Velocloud Administration and Status Interface Overview

Posted by Henry Roberts on Nov 9, 2017

In this video we are going to take a look at the Velocloud SD-WAN administration and status pages to see the information it can give us about our networks.

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ShoreTel (Mitel) HQ recovery using Datto in less than 10 mins

Posted by Ken Zrobok on Nov 2, 2017

This video shows how you can bring back your ShoreTel (Mitel) HQ server on the same IP address via the Datto Business Continuity appliance. 

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Using Datto to Provide a Redundant HQ

Posted by Ken Zrobok on Nov 2, 2017

See in this video how a down ShoreTel (Mitel) HQ server can be restored to a second IP address and be working system in under 10 mins utilizing the Datto Business Continuity Appliance.

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ShoreTel & Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Posted by Henry Roberts on Oct 26, 2017

ShoreTel Integration Series

The ShoreTel CRM Client provides automatic lookup of the telephone numbers of calls made and received by the customer in their Microsoft Dynamics CRM data store and based on the results, can provide screen pop notification to allow CRM users to navigate to associated records at the click of a mouse.

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Contact Center redundancy

Posted by Sean Lane on Aug 1, 2017

New settings for Contact Center redundancy in ShoreTel Connect Onsite

Contact Center redundancy in ShoreTel Connect works differently than in 14.2 version. When upgrading to ShoreTel Connect, you should pay attention to some details to ensure Contact Center redundancy is not compromised. Otherwise there is a risk that Contact Center may fail when an outage occurs. Below we explain how Contact Center redundancy works in ShoreTel Connect and what steps are required to keep it going. 

Download ShoreTel ECC Redundancy White Paper

How did it work in ShoreTel 14.2

In ShoreTel version 14.2 the Contact Center redundancy was not dependent on the ShoreTel Headquarters server. So, your system could have had the Primary Contact Center and/or Secondary Contact Center at any site in the system design. In case of a network outage, the link to the Headquarter server would break but the Primary and Secondary Contact Centers would handle the authentication locally preventing an interruption in Contact Center's work.

How does it work in ShoreTel Connect

ShoreTel Connect came with the "ABC Authentication" - the signal authentication through all ShoreTel platforms: Connect Client, Mobility and Contact Center. It works better but has its own peculiarity. ABC authentication is reliant on the only signal read/write database, which is the Headquarters Server by default. If you upgrade to ShoreTel Connect without some minor tweaks the ShoreTel system will keep the authentication on its default settings. In case of an outage the link to the Headquarters server will break, so will the authentication process.

the primary and secondary contact center in SHoreTel Connect

There is a new method to activate the primary and secondary contact center in ShoreTel Connect.  You cannot just enable it anymore. First, you will need to have a DVS at the site with Contact Center. That DVS will have to have the “Enable Database” turned on.  So, no more distributed workgroups if you were using it. The DVS should now provide the bootstrapper authentication in the event of an outage to Headquarters server. Once that is done you will need to copy some files from the Contact Centre server to the HQ server, run the *.bat file that was copied over, and then restart the HQ “ShoreWare-DirectorProxy” service. The detailed step by step process is written below.

Step by step primary and secondary contact center activation 

1. “Enable Database” on local DVS servers at the same site as Primary and Secondary Server

2. On the Contact Server copy files from “\nginx\config”

  • nginx_ecc.template
  • readme.txt
  • Redundancy.bat
  • Redundancy_config.rb

3. Past files to the directory “\nginx\conf\more_conf” on the HQ server

4. Run “Redundancy.bat”

5. Follow instructions and provided address of the HQ, primary and secondary servers

6. Restart “ShoreWare-DirectorProxy” service on the HQ

If you have any questions about ShoreTel ECC Redundancy, feel free to reach out to our team by phone at 866-510-8547 or via webform

Download our white paper "ShoreTel ECC Redundancy Best Practices"

Download ShoreTel ECC Redundancy White Paper

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PureCloud Plugin for Chrome

Posted by Henry Roberts on Jul 14, 2017

Tiny web client with many features

Since PureCloud launched their plugin for Chrome browser, you no longer need to keep PureCloud page open to make and receive WebRTC call. This allows you to focus on the other webpages and applications you use while interacting with the customer and keep the agent management software out of the way.



How it works

Below are the the screenshots that demonstrate some of the PureCloud Chrome extension basic functionality. 

Function buttons from left to right: 

  • Pickup
  • Hold
  • Mute
  • Transfer
  • Hang-up
  • Record
  • Secure Pause
  • Dial pad


1. You can quickly and easily manage your availability status. 

2. The application gives an audio and visual alert to an incoming call as well as the call queue the call was received in.

3. At the end of the call you can select your wrap code.

4. The Chrome application can be used to make calls either as yourself or on behalf of a queue.

5. You can also select the queues you would like to be logged in to.

About PureCloud

PureCloud is the ideal solution for the small contact centers. It's the cloud-based communication solution built on AWS microservices which makes it scalable, reliable and afordable for businesses of any size. It brings to the table a number of features that used to be third party integrations for the premise contact centers and were available only for big business monsters.

If you'd like to learn more about PureCloud's advantages and functionalities
give us a call at 866-510-85-47 or request a demo

Request Live PureCloud Demo

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How-to: start (MITEL) ShoreTel Connect Client automatically with Windows

Posted by Henry Roberts on Jul 3, 2017

How to make the ShoreTel connect Client start automatically with Windows.

If you updated your ShoreTel (Mitel) system to ShoreTel Connect version, you know that ShoreTel Connect Client doesn't have an option "Start automatically with Windows". We still can get the Client start with Windows though. 

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Tech alert: shoretel mobility

Posted by Henry Roberts on Apr 21, 2017

Mobility voicemail login error

The latest release of the IOS ShoreTel Mobility client has a software defect that has been generating calls into our Tech Support.

App version

This applies to ShoreTel Connect version 9.1.7 Build 100.

What happens

When checking voicemail the refresh pull down generates a Communicator login error.

The user is prompted to enter their password and then is given the message “Cannot logon to server. Please check your Account settings or try again later."

This will be fixed in the next client software release and is currently in beta testing.

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ShoreTel and Skype for Business

Posted by Henry Roberts on Apr 20, 2017

ShoreTel Integrations Series

Mitel (ShoreTel) Connect integrates with Skype for Business easily and in very little time. The ShoreTel Connect client has a Microsoft plugin that comes with the installation package.

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