UCaaS Project Step By Step Part 4 - Provisioning & Delivery

Posted by John Teeling on May 15, 2018

Step 4 - Provisioning & Delivery

Up to this point in our blog series, we have primarily been talking about the initial steps for getting a project off to a successful start from an administrative and design perspective. With this segment, we cover assembling the items needed to build and deploy a UCaaS Project to the customer’s specifications.   

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UCaaS Project Step By Step Part 3 - Solution Design

Posted by John Teeling on Apr 13, 2018

Step 3 - The Solution Design

In our blog series, we pretty much have the prerequisites out of the way, and it is time to start executing for the customer.  When it comes to a design, that means taking the project requirements as defined by the customer, performing data collection (using templates) and creating a design document with the results of that data collection.  

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Five Ways We Can Help You Boost Your Cloud Solution

Posted by Ken Zrobok on Mar 28, 2017

Cloud implementation process is more than Plug-&-Play

Despite the advertised simplicity of cloud voice, the technology does not come already integrated with your applications and configured to support your Contact Center requirements. It’s the behind-the-scenes evaluation of your system configuration and setup that makes cloud work the way it’s been proposed to work.

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