Consider Your Phone System as A Competitive Advantage

Posted on March 08, 2017 by Zrobok Kenneth

It is all about the data management

In an era of data utilization for strategy and planning, the right telephony solution is a key component that can tie together all the data that is entering


How to Make Your Phone System Grow Along With Your Business

Posted on March 07, 2017 by Zrobok Kenneth

Does your premise phone system hinder business growth?

Here’s the good news. Technology now enables your workforce to be available anytime, anywhere and on nearly any device, which requires a


5 Reasons to Start Thinking About Cloud Communications

Posted on March 06, 2017 by Ken Zrobok



Fire gave no warning but offered lessons

Posted on March 01, 2017 by lantelligence

“That was a lifesaver, getting our computer system and payroll off site”

The phone at Jim McIngvale’s desk rang about 8:30 Thursday night with a frantic call from a manager telling him the


How To Find Out If You're A Fit For SD-WAN

Posted on February 28, 2017 by Ken Zrobok


Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) is evolving technology that has resulted from the Software Defined Networking advancements in the last few

Why a Cloud Voice Solution can make your company more competitive?

Posted on February 17, 2017 by Ken Zrobok

SOmething we think so little about...

The right Cloud solution will have a major impact on the performance of your organization and your ability to communicate, understand interactions and track


What is this new version of ShoreTel I heard about?  Is it right for me?

Posted on February 08, 2017 by Henry Roberts

ShoreTel Connect

ShoreTel has released a new version of their software.  Instead of following the past naming sequence and calling it ShoreTel 15 they have named it ShoreTel Connect.  With


SD-WAN: Alternative Backup Internet Connection

Posted on January 31, 2017 by Ken Zrobok

Software Defined Wide Area Networking

Software Defined Wide Area Networking or SD-WAN is new evolving technology that has resulted from the Software Defined Networking advancements in the last


Is the Cloud Right for Everyone’s Voice Communications?

Posted on December 06, 2016 by Ken Zrobok

Cloud Voice Solutions Are Not New and Not For Everyone....

Cloud voice solutions have been around in one form or another since the 1990's (a.k.a. Centrex). The latest generation of Cloud Voice


Don't Settle for Mediocre Partner Support

Posted on November 08, 2016 by Ken Zrobok

There is a better alternative for your Mitel (ShoreTel) Support:

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