John Teeling

John Teeling
Director of Implementation and Support Services at LANtelligence, inc. John joined LANtelligence Inc. in 2014 as the Director of Implementation and Support Services. He views his role as an accountable leader in the organization who ensures that the teams pro-actively meet customer needs and provide the best possible customer service and support. Prior to LANtelligence, John has held executive and customer facing leadership roles in the IT and Data Center sectors. He also has considerable experience in organizations that serve internal customer BU’s. John enjoys spending time with his teenage sons Daniel and Matthew at sporting and music events. He also enjoys travelling when he can with his wife Chrissie as time and opportunities allow.
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UCaaS Project Step By Step Part 3 - Solution Design

Posted by John Teeling on Apr 13, 2018

Step 3 - The Solution Design

In our blog series, we pretty much have the prerequisites out of the way, and it is time to start executing for the customer.  When it comes to a design, that means taking the project requirements as defined by the customer, performing data collection (using templates) and creating a design document with the results of that data collection.  

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Tags: UCaaS, Customer Experience, CCaaS

UCaaS Project Step By Step Part 2 - Kick-off Call

Posted by John Teeling on Mar 15, 2018

Step 2 - The Kick-off Call

In the first topic of the series, I talked about the critical role that project management plays in the success (and sometimes failure) of a project. In this edition, I am going to talk about the Kick-off Call and what it takes to get a UCaaS project off to a good start, thus setting the tone for the rest of the project. I know some of this is fairly basic, however, teams effectively execute when the basics are done well.

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Tags: UCaaS, Customer Experience

SD-WAN For Branch Routing

Posted by John Teeling on Mar 7, 2018

Let Velocloud Be Your Next Branch Routing Device

With the general acceptance of SD-WAN it is becoming clear that there is a movement afoot that allows you to replace your traditional Branch Routing device with a VeloCloud SD-WAN solution.

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Tags: SD-WAN, VeloCloud

UCaaS Project Step By Step

Posted by John Teeling on Mar 1, 2018

Step 1 - Project Management

This 9-part blog series explores 9 different phases of the UCaaS project, ranging from best practices for the kick-off call through the provisioning and delivery phases of a project and to the point where you will take the project live and ultimately transition to support. 

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Tags: UCaaS, Customer Experience

The Value Of Good Partner Support

Posted by John Teeling on Jan 29, 2018

Enterprise Support vs Good Partner Support

For post-implementation and ongoing support of the UCaaS or CCaaS, a customer organization is usually presented with two choices which are Enterprise (Vendor) or Partner Support. While there are many examples of Enterprise Support providing customers quality support and good customer experiences, my main premise for this blog is to highlight the advantages of Partner Support. 

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Emergency Support Scenario

Posted by John Teeling on Dec 21, 2017

Mitel (ShoreTel) Phone System Redundancy During SoCal Wildfire Season

Emergency scenarios are one of those things that you plan for and never hope that you must execute against. It is why we build our solutions the way that we do and stay engaged with customers to understand their business and priorities.

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Tags: Business Continuity, Mitel

UCaaS Deployment Best Practices

Posted by John Teeling on Jul 24, 2017

Where do UCaaS deployments run into trouble?

With all the movement and migration to UCaaS that is occurring from the Telephony premise-based world, I am sure that most of us have seen for ourselves or heard about some of the issues that are common with UCaaS Deployments. I am going to talk about these issues as well as give some suggestions on how not to fall into the same situations.

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